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Extra Special Bitter

We're very pleased to finally have a new guest beer out in the world. Our ESB is all about the malt. There are 6 different grains in all, including oats, wheat and two types of caramelised malt. The star of the show is Brown Malt though, which admittedly does not sound at all exciting but actually gives us a delicious toasted / biscuit flavour. Demerara sugar was added late in the boil to give a spicy rich finish to the beer.

We wanted to brew a classic English bitter, but with a modern twist so the hops are Target, Sabro and Brewers Gold. This gives us a lovely piney, spicy orange flavour with some tropical coconut notes.

There is plenty of bitterness there (as you'd expect) so we were careful to balance it out with residual sweetness. As it's "Extra" the ABV is a hefty 5.6%, giving the beer plenty of body.

We're very excited with this latest addition to our line, and it's available to buy now from the web shop from our sister brewery Dock's Beers (

Cheers everyone!

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