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Greener and stronger than The Hulk

Our new - absolutely one off - beer is Green Energy. It's a classic strong English IPA brewed with green hops (hence the one off nature of the beer).

Normally when hops are picked they are quickly dried in a kiln, and packaged in an airtight bag. This ensures they're handy for us brewers to use whenever we need them. Just like veg from your own garden though, sometimes you just can't beat the fresh stuff. Green hops are harvested and then quickly brewed with before they start to oxidise. In the UK, harvest happens around September.

So a few weeks ago we sent an intrepid team off to be hop pickers for a day at Lincolnshire Hops, a new venture near Lincoln. We're very excited to be working them, and the hops we got looked - and smelled - absolutely amazing!

The hops we got for this beer were Fuggles. A classic British hop, they have a wonderful grassy, earthy aroma. Sort of like a woodland floor (in a good way, don't be put off!). I knew I wanted to make a classic English IPA. For the avoidance of doubt, that means strong, pale and well hopped rather than weak brown dishwater.

Green Energy is 5.9% ABV, light amber in colour and with an earthy, peppery flavour. The green hops are obviously less concentrated than the ones that have been dried... so that means putting lots in!

We hope you enjoy this unique brew, catch it while you can.

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